Types of translation

We undertake all kinds of translation, both written and oral, including consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, etc. We also handle business that demands the attestation of a sworn translation. Click Sworn Translations.

Translation topics

  • Technical (all areas of production and production organization, quality control, quality management systems, installation of machinery and production lines, energy efficiency issues, environmental protection, and many other areas).
  • Political-economic (visits at all levels, including the highest government levels, conferences, economic consultations, press and television interviews, etc.).
  • Legal and business (including sworn translation and court-certified interpretation).
  • Other topics

Our strengths

  • Highest quality service at affordable prices.
    We invite business clients to discuss their needs with us.
  • Unsurpassed linguistic competence.
    All of our translators have native or near-native proficiency in both Polish and Japanese. We are also prepared to take on assignments requiring an equally high level of ability involving a variety of linguistic combinations, including Polish-Japanese-English, -French, -Spanish, and -Russian.
  • Permanent group of experienced translators.
    You can count on the services of a talented and experienced corps of translators, many of whom have been part of Matsugu for over ten years.
  • Flexible approach to client needs.
    We respond quickly to whatever requirements a client might present to us, however much time must be invested and wherever we are required to go in Poland or abroad. We guarantee the coordination of the work done by our translators and provide substantial support during the execution of all assignments.
  • Extensive experience in the execution of assignments requiring the participation of an organized group of translators.
    Complete range of services for the realization of your project, including all translation and interpretation needs. Complete handling of logistics, including transportation and housing for translators, insurance, etc.

Clients and completed assignments

A sampling of the range of our work may be found by clicking on ABOUT US.
A list of our business and institutional clients may be found by clicking on OUR CLIENTS.

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